Our job is filled with lots of moving pieces, so having a good handle on logistics is important.
On-site visits are crucial because it gives us a great idea on what the neighborhood is like, who the target buyers may be, and what finishes and color schemes we will use for staging.
Much like our actual staging process, we work from big to small. We normally pick the largest pieces first, like sofa, coffee table, rug, accent chairs, etc. and work our way down. Pulling and packing accessories take the most time.
Our movers have been with us for a long time now and they know roughly where we want to drop furniture. They also know that they will need to assemble the beds, furniture, and move all the bins to the kitchen. Once bins are out, I start unpacking everything, so we can visually shop decor pieces and accessories to style each room. Like the way we pull inventory initially, we drop the big pieces first and then work on accessories and artwork.
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